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Unseen STL History Talks - The early days of City Museum

Unseen STL History Talks - The early days of City Museum

Tim Tucker and Matt Philpott recount how the Cassillys and others created City Museum

In our May Unseen STL History Talks, we welcomed Tim Tucker and Matt Philpott, who spoke at length about the early days of City Museum. Listen now to hear them tell incredible stories about how Bob and Gail Cassilly came up with the idea, how they secured funding, how they obtained the buildings, why they named it City Museum, and how some of the first construction happened. Hear how City Museum is a great example of recycling and adaptive reuse, and seeing the value in things already made!

In this talk, we stroll back to a time when Tim and Matt, along with Spine’s very own Mark Pannebecker, helped bring about a crazy dream — one that turned into one of the most beloved attractions in St. Louis.

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Other early City Museum videos

On City Museum’s YouTube channel, there are several videos of Max and Maria Cassilly talking about City Museum and showing footage from the early days. The first one, below, is what we showed before the talks on May 18th, and there are a few others.

Unseen STL Talks in June

Our next Unseen STL History talks will take place on June 15h, from 7-9 pm (doors open at 6 pm), at Spine Indie Bookstore and Cafe, 1976-82 Arsenal St.

For June, we will welcome Joe Sonderman and Elizabeth Olwig, who will regale us with tales about the history of Route 66. Stay tuned for more details!

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