About Unseen St. Louis

Unseen St. Louis tells the story of a once-great industrial city in the US.

Whether or not you’ve ever visited the city, my goal is to share some of the fascinating bits of history and interesting locations around the region. There are so many really intriguing tales to tell around here, and regardless of what brought you here, I hope you will stick around and explore the nooks and crannies of St. Louis with me.

From bridges to rivers, mounds to mines, there are so many cool stories to tell and I can’t wait to share them with you.

About me

My name is Jackie Dana. I’m a native of St. Louis. I was born at Jewish Hospital and lived in both Ferguson (north St. Louis County) and in south St. Louis City.

I moved away for college and lived out of state for many years. Eventually, I moved back to St. Louis and started exploring some of the local sites as research for a series of young adult novels I’m writing called The Favor Faeries, which is set here in the city. Along the way, I stumbled across so much cool history that I just had to dive in and explore it further.

If you would like to learn more about my fiction, including my novels, please check out my companion Substack Story Cauldron.

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St. Louis history that doesn't get memorialized — but shouldn't be forgotten


As a fiction author, freelance writer, and historian, I enjoy rooting for the underdog and stirring up trouble. Unsurprisingly, my alignment is Chaotic Good. My Substacks: Unseen St. Louis, Story Cauldron, and Fictionistas.